Continuous Process Improvement

There are four Continuous Process Improvement Courses.  Each course is designed to develop the knowledge and skill needed to identify and implement product, service, and process improvements.  Graduates of these courses will lean how to transform the day-to-day business of their organization and enable their workplace to become more efficient, innovative, and agile.
Registration Process
  1. Identify the course that you want to attend on the LSS/CPI course schedule
  2. Ensure you have completed the prerequisites for the course
  3. Obtain authorization from your organization to attend the course
  4. Obtain Hosting Organization authorization to attend the course - Request enrollment by contacting the Host Organization POC on the Course Schedule (email)
Ensure correspondence includes the following information:
  • ​Applicants Name
  • Applicants Email
  • Applicants Phone Number
  • Applicant's Unit
  • Course Number (e.g. GB22-099)
Continuous Process Improvement - Lean Six Sigma COI

2-weeks resident & Virtual

This course covers the fundamental principles, practices and tools of Lean methods that underlay modern organizational productivity approaches applied in today's Army across all Commands.  It includes lectures, active learning exercises and reference material.  A major portion of the course is devoted to understanding and applying the Lean approach to process improvement through a Rapid Improvement Event (RIE) or Kaizen.

3-weeks resident

This program consolidates all statistical analysis capabilities, from GB and MBB curriculums.  This POI will focus on real-world Army applications.  The program builds upon tools learned in the GB program with the goal of a BB certification.  It follows the rigorous Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control (DMAIC) methodology.  Because the BB approach is data-driven, process improvement and solution basis is rooted in deep statistical analysis and requires extensive use of Minitab statistical software.  The BB approach now starts with an overall understanding of the organization in terms of, how the organization defines itself, in terms of critical objectives;  how the organization measures itself; and, what performance metrics are crucial for the organization to reach its objectives.

3-weeks resident

The Master Black Belt (MBB) course focuses on the development of trusted advisors to the organizations senior leadership.  MBBs are critical to the long-term success of the Army's reform and organizations process improvement efforts.  In this three-week instructor lead resident course MBBs are developed as internal technical and trusted advisers who train, coach and mentor the Army's Lean Six Sigma professionals, from Green Belts, process expert Black Belts and senior leaders.  Their abilities are also help leadership build an analytical, data-driven operational model and develop enterprise measurement systems to diagnose the performance to support the Army's mission priorities.

3-days virtual

This 3-day instructor lead virtual course assists leaders in identifying and selecting process improvement projects that align with their organization's strategy and supports the voice of the business, voice of the customer, voice of the process, and voice of the employee.  By the end of the workshop, students will have a prioritized list of project ideas and at least 10 charters for projects that can begin immediately.