2022 LEAP Nomination Window Now Open
(01 January to 15 February 2023)

The Secretary of the Army's Lean Six Sigma Excellence Award Program (LEAP) recognizes Army organizations and practitioners that have demonstrated excellence in building, sustaining, and implementing results-driven process improvement projects.

 Responsible  Key Dates  Suspense
 CPI-PO  Project Award Cut-Off Period  01 OCT 2020 to 30 SEP 2022
 CPI-PO  Publish Implementing Instructions  30 DEC 2022
 Deployment Directors  Nominations Submission Deadline  01 JAN to 15 FEB 2023
 LEAP Evaluators  Evaluation Results Deadline  31 MAR 2023*
 CPI-PO  Winners Announced  30 April 2023*
 CPI-PO  Awards Presentation  30 June 2023*

  *Timeframes are Subject to Change
2022 LEAP Eligibility: In order to be eligible for a 2022 Award, work must have been completed between 1 October 2020 and 30 September 2022.


Award Categories:

Process Improvement Deployment Excellence Award (PIDEA)  The PIDEA recognizes organizations that deliver outstanding results in the deployment of process improvement methodologies and the achievement of exceptional organizational performance

Policy: HQDA Secretariat  (Up to 1 Award)
Policy: HQDA Army Staff  (Up to 1 Award)
Execution: HQDA Secretariat  (Up to 1 Award)
Execution: HQDA Army Staff  (Up to 1 Award)
Execution: Army Commands  (Up to 1 Award)
Execution: Theater Armies and Functional Commands  (Up to 1 Award)
Execution: Direct Reporting Units  (Up to 1 Award)
Execution: Subordinate Organization to HQDA and Headquarters (Up to 1 Award)


Process Improvement Project Team Excellence Award (PIPTEA)  The PIPTEA recognizes the outstanding contributions and results of process improvement teams

Enterprise  (Up to 2 Awards) - Projects executed using LSS DMAIC/A3, DfLSS, DMEDI, and DMADV
Non-Enterprise  (Up to 4 Awards - 2 Black Belt and 2 Green Belt) - projects whose scope remains within limited intra-functional boundaries
Non-Gated  (Up to 4 Awards) - Process Improvement project not going through the formal DMAIC gating process (e.g. RIE, VE, BBP, and BPR)

This is the Official Webpage of the Army's Lean Six Sigma Excellence Program (LEAP)


15 DEC 22    2022 LEAP Announced 
01 JAN 23    2022 LEAP Nomination Window Open
09 JAN 23    2022 LEAP Article Published https://www.army.mil/article/263133
10 JAN 23    Army TMT Tasker Issued
FEB 23    Projected issue of TMT Tasker to solicit team to review nominations
10 FEB 23    Army TMT Tasker Deadline
15 FEB 23    Final Submission Timeline
15 MAR 23    Formation of Award Tiger Team
19 APR 23    Completion of Tiger Team Award Evaluation

Important Documents

2022 LEAP Announcement Memo  (CAC Required)
2022 LEAP Overview  (CAC Required)