Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

The Business Process Re-engineering Center of Excellence (BPR CoE) is the primary service provider and source of expertise for Business Process Re-engineering services across the Army. BPR services transform processes to achieve cost savings, deliver readiness at best value, and ensure a smooth transition of the change into the organization.

What is BPR?
BPR is a logical methodology for assessing process weaknesses, identifying capability gaps, and implementing innovation and optimization opportunities to achieve breakthrough improvements in operational performance. BPR efforts take a holistic view of the current and future states and considers the people, process, policy, information, and technology impacts to fix problems and achieve goals.

BPR Community of Interest (CoE) is currently maintained on milSuite: Business Process Re-engineering Center of Excellence (CAC Required)

BPR Foundations Course

This introductory online self-paced course (~8 hours) teaches the Army's established methodology for Business Process Reengineering.  This approach uses a holistic view to rethink and redesign business processes to achieve new and elevated mission outcomes.  Attendees will participate in interactive learning and gain experience using tools and techniques needed to become BPR practitioners.  (The BPR Foundation Course is a pre-requisite for the BPR Intermediate Course).
BPR Foundation Enrollment Instructions (PDF - CAC Required)
The BPR Online Foundation Course is open for self-enrollment on (CAC Required)

Course ID: 907_ALU_BPRF_2020_000_00_A
Access Code: BPRFoundation

BPR Intermediate Course

4-day Virtual Instructor Led
This challenging course builds on the foundational knowledge students possess, to produces professionals capable of leading Business Process Reengineering efforts.  Where the foundation course provides an overview and awareness of BPR, this course consists of hands-on skill building.  Attendees will successfully complete a notional BPR effort, utilizing the Army's BPR methodology (attendees need to first complete the BPR Foundations Course).
BPR Intermediate Course Registration Form (PDF - CAC Required)

Course Dates: October 24-27, 2022