Coming Spring 2022

Army Contract Efficiency (ACE) Course

This Course is designed to develop skill in managing the requirements-to-procurement process.  The course involves two-weeks of in-person instruction or three-weeks of virtual instruction, and is followed by a twelve-week Capstone Project.

The instruction course, called "The Boot Camp," imparts leading technical and execution best practices.  Technical modules include discussions on ways to identify efficiencies in requirements generation, supply market analysis, total cost of ownership evaluation, and contracting.  the execution skills will provide in-depth problem solving and communications training designed to help shape "how" participants think - not "what" they think.

Capstone (Capstone PDF)
The Capstone project consists of two parts – an executive-level PowerPoint presentation and a long-form Word document that provides the full scope and details about the project. The full-form document (not to exceed 25 pages in the main document – additional charts/graphs can be included in an appendix). The full-form document should have three primary sections: (1) project definition, (2) data collection & analysis, and (3) implementation & control plan – each section will be described in additional detail below. Ultimately, Mentors and Sponsors will use the rubric and their professional judgment to determine whether the participant’s project meets the standard.
Designed for Army Civilians and Soldiers
This course is designed for personnel serving in a requirements generation, contracting, acquisition, or category management position.  The skills that are taught in the course enable the participant to leverage their new skill set to continuously improve their organization.  There are no grade or rank requirements for the course, however, each participant should be comfortable using Excel to manipulate and analyze data.