The Army Office of Business Transformation develops business strategy and policy, enables governance, and promotes best-in-class business practices to improve efficiency and facilitate innovative solutions and improvements across the Army.  In order to help the Army to promote best-in-class business practices and facilitate innovation in the Information Age, OBT created the Army Business Transformation Portal.  The OBT Business Transformation Portal is designed to enable collaboration, discovery, learning, and work in an increasingly connected and digital work environment. 

Here are the different ways that you can use the OBT Portal to help transform the business of the Army...
It is important to cultivate and consolidate a community of interest to allow organizations, leaders, managers, and workers the opportunity to interact and learn from each other.  The Collaborate Page allows you to do just that.  Create a Community of Practice webpage to coordinate your efforts, participate in discussions on the Transformation Forum, connect with leaders in OBT and the broader community, and keep current with news and events.

Where do you go to understand Army business transformation?  On the Discover page, you can explore and discover the terms, concepts, guidance, tools, and organizations that you will come across as you transform the business of the Army.  Included on this page are some additional features that may help you, including a dictionary, Abbreviations and Acronym finder, reading list, and the latest business reform goals, objectives and initiatives in the Army Business Management Plan.
Sometimes the first step in improving yourself and your organization is understanding that there is an opportunity that you can take advantage of.  The Learn Portal will contain useful information on courses, workshops, and other self-development opportunities that you can use to improve your business transformation skills.
The Work Page is focused on providing you with the locations and resources you may need to enable your work, improve your efficiency, and empower your organization.  Register for events, access powerful online resources, and ensure you are leveraging every tool the Army has provided you to be successful.