ABC:  Army Business Council
ABS:  Army Business Strategy
AEB:  Army Enterprise Board
AMAG:  Army Management Action Group
APMS:  Army Portfolio Management System


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BB:  Black Belt (Lean Six Sigma)
BEA:  Business Enterprise Architecture
BMA:  Business Mission Area
BPI:  Business Process Improvement
BPR:  Business Process Reengineering

C&P:  Cost and Performance
CBR:  Critical Business Requirement
CE:  Core Enterprise
CEB:  Core Enterprise Board
CMO:  Chief Management Officer
CPI:  Continuous Process Improvement
CPP:  Cost and Performance Portal
DBC:  Defense Business Council
DBS:  Defense Business System
DBEA:  Defense Business Enterprise Architecture
DMAIC:  Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve, and Control
DITPR:  DoD Information Technology Portfolio Repository

EIT:  Enterprise Integration Team
EKR:  Enterprise Knowledge Repository
EPIT:  Enterprise Process Improvement Team
ERP:  Enterprise Resource Planning
ETF:  Enterprise Task Force

GB:  Green Belt (Lean Six Sigma)
GOSC: General Officer Steering Committee

IRB:  Investment Review Board

LEAP:  Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Excellence Award Program
LSS:  Lean Six Sigma

MBB:  Master Black Belt (Lean Six Sigma)
MCE:  Material Core Enterprise
MTBP:  Mass Transportation Benefit Plan

OEP:  Organizational Execution Plan

ess Operations

PCE:  Personnel Core Enterprise
PCE:  Process Cycle Efficiency
PM:  Program manager
PMO:  Program Management Office
POM: Program Operating Memorandum
PS:  PowerSteering

RCE:  Readiness Core Enterprise
ROI:  Return on Investment
SICE:  Services and Infrastructure Core Enterprise