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Annual Architecture Assessment

In accordance with 10USC 2222, AR 5-1, and on a yearly basis, system owners (or representatives) must complete a survey that captures the selection of operational activities (from the ABEA) that fully describes the functional capabilities of their respective systems.  This provides OBT with a complete representation of how the systems support business processes, and is the anchor of redundancy and road-mapping analysis.

Army Ideas for Innovation (AI2)

The AI2 program collects ideas from across the force and presents them for review by functional experts from across the Army.

Learn more at: Army Ideas for Innovation

Deep Green - The Army's Data Science Competition 

The Deep Green challenge is an annual event sponsored by the Assistant Secretary of the Army for Acquisitions, Logistics, and Technology, and is run through the Headquarters Department of the Army's Office of Business Transformation.  The challenge is designed to engage the data analytics community to develop data-driven approaches to solve complex Army problems.  

The challenge consists of an initial stage where participants are tasked with modeling a data set.  Based on the quality of the models submitted, challenge organizers identify five teams to compete in a final round where the teams present their results to the sponsor organization.  To read an article written by one of the participating organizations, click HERE.


LSS Excellence Award Program (LEAP)

The LEAP Awards occur biennially and are sponsored by the Headquarters Department of the Army's Office of Business Transformation.  The Awards recognize superior performance in implementing tools and methodologies and their overall impact on the transformation of the business of the Army.  

In 2008, The Secretary of the Army established the annual Army Lean Six Sigma Excellence Awards Program (LEAP) to:
1. Recognize organizations, belt practitioners and project team members for outstanding contributions to the Army Business Process Improvement Program
2. Transform the Army’s business processes
3. Motivate BPI community and supervisors to aggressively pursue process improvements
4. Accelerate Enterprise Management by disseminating best practices and lessons learned across the Army

In 2021, the Army recognized superior performance in two categories: 
1. Process Improvement Development Excellence Award (PIDEA) - recognizes LSS deployment excellence at the organizational level.
2. Process Improvement Project Team Excellence Award (PIPTEA) - recognizes the outstanding contribution and results of individual LSS project teams.

In 2021, the PIDEA was awarded to:
  • (Army Staff Level) U.S. Army National Guard – For excellence in the execution of Headquarters Department of the Army (HQDA) programs.
  • (Command Level) U.S Army Reserve Command, Headquarters – For excellence in the execution of Army Regulation (AR) 10-87 programs.

In 2021, the PIPTEA was awarded to the following teams:

  • U.S Army Europe – For reducing process cycling time for closing acquisition and cross service agreements.
  • U.S Army Materiel Command (AMC), Tank-Automotive and Armaments Command (TACOM) – For decreasing the time and increasing the quality in the Integrated Logistics Support Center justification and approval process.
  • Florida National Guard, Medical Detachment – For decreasing completion time of National Agency checks and inquiries for new state employee hires.
  • U.S. AMC, Communications, Electronics Command (CECOM) Ground Combat Systems – For reducing the overruns within Tobyhanna Army Depot’s (TYAD) cable fabrication process.
  • Fort McCoy, Non-Commissioned Officer Academy Under the 83rd U.S. Army Reserve Readiness Training Center, 80th Training Command – For improving the ability to systematically and effectively certify new facilitators.
  • U.S. AMC, TYAD – For reducing rework with TYAD’s Paint Branch Process Green Belt Project.
  • U.S. Army Reserve Command, U.S. Army Reserve – For employment of U.S. Army Reserve Officer Talent Management Focus Groups.
  • U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Lakes and Rivers Division, Engineer Division – For improving project delivery data analysis.
  • Assistant Secretary of the Army Acquisition Logistics and Technology, Program Executive Office Ground Combat Systems – For the reduction of cost associated with employing the Abrams Engine 1068.
  • U.S. AMC, CECOM Ground Combat Systems – For AN/TSC – 167 Satellite Transportable Terminal Line Replaceable Unit Test Direct Labor Hour Improvement.


Lean Six Sigma (LSS) Excellence Award Program (LEAP)
PowerSteering (PS)

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