Army Continuous Process Improvement (CPI) is a spectrum of structured methodologies which includes Lean Six Sigma (LSS) for incorporating performance improvement throughout the force.

Army CPI practitioners assist Leaders in solving the most pressing and complex challenges the Army faces by increasing effectiveness and efficiency, ultimately to deliver improved readiness at best value.

Army CPI focuses on achieving tangible outcomes of cost savings, cost avoidance and improved operational efficiencies.

Army CPI is centrally managed through the CPI Program Office and de-centrally executed across the Army Commands and organizations.

Lean Six Sigma Excellence Awards Program (LEAP)

Every other year, the Chief of Staff of the Army recognizes individuals and teams who demonstrate excellence in building, sustaining, and implementing results-driven process improvement projects.  The Award recipients are chosen by a selection board comprising twelve representatives from organizations across the Army.
Recipients may receive an award in one of the following two categories:

Process Improvement Deployment Excellence Award (PIDEA)

PIDEA recognizes organizations that deliver outstanding results in the deployment of LSS methodologies and the achievement of exceptional organizational performance

Process Improvement Project Team Excellence Award (PIPTEA)
PIPTEA recognizes outstanding contributions and results of Master Black Belt and Green Belt projects.

2020 LEAP Award Winners: Army's 12th Annual Lean Six Sigma Awards LEAP Forward to Recognize Excellence in CPI Initiatives.