What is Data Science?

Data science is the field of study that combines domain expertise, programming skills, and knowledge of mathematics and statistics to extract meaningful insights from data. Data science practitioners apply machine learning algorithms to numbers, text, images, video, audio, and more to produce artificial intelligence (AI) systems to perform tasks that ordinarily require human intelligence. In turn, these systems generate insights which analysts and business users can translate into tangible business value.

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What is Intelligent Automation?

Intelligent automation is a class of IT automation tools that utilize machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI).

ML relies on algorithms to predict outcomes based on data. The algorithms identify trends, commonalities, and correlations between variables, using statistical analysis to predict outcomes and future events. Then, as the program continues to run, the algorithms further improve their predictions based on subsequent datasets.

Any program, application, or system that can autonomously make decisions and take actions based on ML, has AI.

Data Science and Intelligent Automation techniques and procedures enable organizations to efficiently understand and leverage their data. By better understanding your data, you can derive valuable insights that enable you to make smarter data-driven decisions.  Today, failing to understand what information is impactful, and how to leverage it, is like being blind and deaf, wandering into the future like a deer on a freeway.