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Enterprise Data Services Catalog

EDSC is the resource for any type of data consumer (data analysts, data scientists, system developers, incidental answer-seekers) to discover what data is where, the details of that data, and how to access that data.

EDSC Website (Account Required)
EDSC Guest Access

Performance Analysis Divisions

The Performance Analytics Division(PAD) works to establish an enterprise-wide scalable data analytics capability that enables both analysts and their leaders to anticipate and solve problems, optimize resourcing decisions, and deliver enhanced readiness.

COI for Data Science and Intelligent Automation
Deep Green Challenge
Headquarters Analytics Laboratory

Business Health Metrics

Primary objective of the Business Health Metric project is primarily to get the Army’s vital signs into the hands of senior leaders and decision makers allowing them up-to-date data needed to aid in data-driven decisions. This data needs to be accurate and cover all possible needs for the decision makers. These needs will be met by generating visualizations of critical data, systems, and services throughout the Army.

Secondary objective is to build an automated system of collecting and processing data for the Army. This data will be collected, processed, and visualized for Army purposes. This data will then be sent onwards to Advana through a synchronous system to meet data obligations. Vantage will serve as the primary servicer of all Army data going into Advana in the future.

Organizational Tools

DoD Automated Time Attendance and Production System
FEDLOG (DOD Networks only) Access Federal Logistics Information System
FEDMALL Premier government e-commerce acquisition platform
Financial Disclosure Management File and maintain financial interest reports
Force Management System (FMSWeb) Compare and save unit MTOEs
General Fund Enterprise Business System (GFEBS) Resource planning solution
Global Electronic Approval Routing System Packet/document routing and tracking system
Installation Support Module Installation business function software application
Integrated Personnel and Pay System Integrated personnel and pay tool
milConnect Self-service portal to manage benefits and records
Soldier Enhancement Program Process to evaluate and classify prototypes

Assessment Tools

Ground Risk Assessment Tool (GRAT) Mission planning tool
Joint Risk Assessment Tool Joint risk management tool